Prison Economics

This piece discusses the economic irrationality of how prison contracting works in Pennsylvania and suggests some practical improvements. Prisons are multi-million dollar industries, and often those millions of dollars are spent without much public interest or oversight. Men and women living in the prisons are often most likely to notice the inefficiencies and irrationalities of this system.

Prison Economics

1 thought on “Prison Economics

  1. Those men and women who occupy the bloated prison system in the US are all to often cast aside and forgotten by the greater society. Weather they be a wards of the state for a day, week, month, year, or lifetime, once adjudicated as deserving of a prison sentence, society, self justifying through this adjudication, forgets them. The vast amounts of money and the fully realized prison industrial complex that has been born out of this subjugation and oppression is another unfortunate symptom of the abysmal state we find our nation’s prison system in. It is sad to say, but at the very least we can hope through monetizing this exploitation we can gain a bit more attention as we all know, its all about the dollars.

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