All the Wiser: Dialogic, Space, Destigmitization and Teacher-Activist Recruitment

Below you’ll find a link to “The Prison Journal: All The Wiser:  Dialogic Space, Destigmatization, and Teacher-Activist Recruitment” by Norman Conti, Linda Morrison and Katherine Pantaleo.


This article examines instructor training for The Inside-Out Prison Exchange
Program®, an organization that brings “outside” college students into prison,
joining incarcerated men and women who become “inside students” for
an undergraduate course. Ethnographic data revealed a purposeful stigma
reversal for a group of men serving life sentences and a concomitant shift in
moral career for instructor trainees. Through structured encounters with
these men, trainees come to see, speak, and behave in ways that subvert
conventional understandings of the stigma imposed on those in prison. The
alteration of self and perspective experienced during the training drives participants
to incorporate this activist ethos into their own teaching.

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